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The UQ MD Personal Advisor Network (PAN) is an integral part of the Medical Student Aspirations and Support Strategy 2021-2023 and provides targeted and individualised support for medical students to help foster a spirit of community and connectedness. Each student entering the Medicine Program is invited to join the PAN and be assigned a personal advisor, who plays a valuable role in guiding and shaping the experience of medical students.

The personal advisor is a key point of contact and contributes to medical student support by:
  • Encouraging an appropriate work-life balance, healthy behaviours and extra-curricular activities
  • Meeting at regular intervals to “check in” regarding academic progress and wellbeing
  • Offering positive support and encouragement
  • Providing guidance on adjusting to life as a medical student
  • Recommending other input or support services should difficulties arise.
The Personal Advisor Rural Network (PARN) is a subset of the PAN. The PARN has been established with the specific purpose of encouraging students with a rural perspective and supporting rural origin students or those interested in pursuing a medical career in rural and remote communities. 

Further information for medical students on the PAN is available on the Medicine Program - Student Support webpage.

Further information for personal advisors, including information on the role and how to sign-up, is available on the Faculty of Medicine - UQ MD Personal Advisor Network webpage.

Testimonials from students and personal advisors

My personal advisor has been such a fantastic bedrock of support this year, and has really helped to put this first year of study into perspective with some fantastic words of wisdom.
- Year 1 MD student, 2021

Overall I have found this program to be time well spent - looking after students at key moments in their years.
Personal advisor, 2021

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