Information for mentors

“Everything you’ve already accomplished is a mountain someone else currently trying to climb – maybe you can give them the leg up.” 
~Adam J Kurtz ~ 

Your wisdom, experience and leadership can help shape the futures of the next generation of science professionals.   

We’re looking for people who listen to understand and can share their experiences around their education and/or career in the sciences in way that’s relevant to a student’s goals or individual support needs.

As part of the program, you will work one-on-one with a UQ Faculty of Science student to help them enhance their employability and guide them to create their own path from study to career success. 

Volunteering your time to become a mentor is a rewarding experience that gives you the opportunity to:  

  • engage, influence and inspire the next generation of science professionals 
  • obtain satisfaction from helping someone grow and realise their potential 
  • enhance your leadership, communication and coaching skills  
  • further develop your self-awareness 
  • gain fresh perspectives and exposure to new ideas  
  • extend your professional networks  
  • bring future talent for your organisation  
  • give back to the UQ community and your industry 

To be eligible to participate in the program, you must be able to share experiences around your education and/or career in the sciences. 

Our 2022 program is already underway. If you are interested in joining the program as a mentor for a future intake, please email

How does the program work? 

Students and mentors are expected to collaborate to define how they work together to build a positive, productive relationship and achieve mutually agreed goals and outcomes. 

The program empowers students to choose their own mentor based on their goals or support needs. Once students have identified a potential mentor, they are responsible for initiating contact with the mentor through the mentoring app and setting up the introductory meeting once you have accepted their invitation to connect. 

As part of the program, you will connect with your mentee in a series of one-on-one meetings to have conversations relating to their employability, career, and personal development. It is the responsibility of the student to organise these meetings with you.

Time and commitment required

To make the most out of an ongoing mentoring relationship, we recommend having around 3 meetings over the course of the program, and if you both agree, continue connecting with each other and building your mentoring relationship well beyond the program's conclusion. You never know what possibilities and opportunities these relationships may bring in the near or distant future. However, we recognise that every relationship is different, and the duration of your mentoring relationship will depend on the goals and outcomes your mentee is seeking your support with. 

Additional events

In addition to your mentoring sessions, we will be organising a virtual mentor induction before the program begins as well as a program launch event where you will have the opportunity to connect with students and other mentors participating in the program. 

We will also be organising a casual, mid program check-in session for mentors and mentees that will be conducted online.
The session is about an hour in duration, and is an opportunity for you and your mentee to reflect on your mentoring relationship to date and share your learnings and experiences with other program participants in a relaxed, supportive environment. 

The program will conclude in July with a closing event and end of program reflection. 

Details for all additional events will be communicated to mentors over the course of the program.

Become a Science Connect Mentor

Our 2022 program is already underway. If you are interested in joining the program as a mentor for a future intake, please email



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