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Mentors are an invaluable source of expertise and support who can guide you to create your own path to meaningful career success.
As part of the program, you will work together with a mentor of your choice in a series of one-on-one meetings over 6 months, to guide and support your professional and personal development in a way that’s relevant and meaningful to you.

This might include using your mentor as a sounding board to:
  • discuss ideas and opportunities related to your research
  • build your professional network in a way that supports your needs
  • help you establish relevant and meaningful career goals
  • seek guidance on practical ways to support your wellbeing and maintain a healthy work/life balance
  • identify steps and pathways to promotion within the academic world
  • develop or explore opportunities to partner and collaborate with commercial organisations or government entities
  • gain new perspectives around innovation, entrepreneurship and commercialising your research
  • deepen your understanding of leadership and how to effectively lead teams
  • learn practical strategies for promoting your research to the wider community
  • explore different career pathways or employment opportunities

Who are the mentors on the program?

Mentors are usually Level-D or Level-E Senior Academics or Researchers within the Faculty of Science.
They come from a diverse range of scientific backgrounds, and possess a varied range of strengths, skills, expertise and life experiences. 

How does the program work?

The ScienceLink Mentoring program is a rolling 6-month mentoring program that was launched in March 2022.

At the start of the program, you will choose your own mentor based on your professional interests, career goals, personality or individual support needs. Once you have identified a potential mentor, you are responsible for initiating contact with your chosen mentor through the ScienceLink site and setting up the introductory meeting once they have accepted your invitation to connect.

We recognise that each mentoring relationship is unique. You and your mentor have the flexibility to decide how you best work together to build a positive, productive relationship and achieve the mutually agreed goals and outcomes you decide at your first meeting. This includes (but is not limited to) how often you connect, the career development topics you discuss and how you choose to communicate with each other during the program.

As the mentee, you are responsible for being proactive in setting up your meetings with your mentor, coming prepared to each session with topics or items you’d like to cover in your discussions, and following up on any recommended actions, tasks or readings that can bring you closer towards the goals or outcomes you are seeking to achieve.

Your sense of curiosity, passion for learning, communication and relationship-building skills will help you to get the most out of your mentoring relationship.

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