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Language Exchange supports cross-cultural connection through the sharing of language. Students self-match into partnerships where they share their fluent language and learn a language of interest through casual conversation.

Why join Language Exchange?
  • Practice language with peers in a casual setting 
  • Make global connections and friends
  • Share and learn about different cultures and customs 
  • Flexible program style to cater to your needs

What can you do? 

  1. Find and connect for a single conversation session or chat 
    • This mode allows you to connect at ad-hoc times that work with your schedules, whilst also providing the flexibility to move onto another platform to practice ongoing after the connection is made.
  2. Opt-into the ongoing structured program
    • If you are looking for a bit more structure and support, you can initiate an ongoing connection that provides a 6 week regimented plan. It provides topics and ideas to help guide your chat sessions and keep you both on track to achieving your language goals.
  3. Access resources and support
    • get access to a range of curated resources and support to help with language learning and to support you with developing your skills.
  4. Build you networks with group events
    • you can join community events to practice conversational language in a group setting, make more friends, understand more culture, and build your personal skills.
So, wherever you are studying in the world take the opportunity to find peers to practice language in a fun way. 


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