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Welcome to Peer Mentoring at the School of Pharmacy

You’re about to embark on an exciting journey at UQ; following a passion, discovering more about yourself, and building future networks. Every journey will have its challenges along the way, and no one knows that more than our Pharmacy Peer Mentors. 

This program has two streams:

1. Bachelor of Pharmacy 1st Year Peer Mentoring
This stream matches 1st year and 1st semester Pharmacy students with later year students as mentors. Mentors provide advice and guidance to new students during their first semester and facilitate events to help 1st year students settle into life at UQ.  This program welcomes new students to UQ and builds a supportive community within the school. 

The Pharmacy Peer Mentoring Program is a semester long program for first semester, first year UQ Pharmacy students.  A A dozen of your fellow Pharmacy students are grouped together based on shared interests and goals, and matched with two pharmacy student mentors in an online group. 

During the semester you can expect:

  • A supportive online peer community to ask questions and share ideas
  • Events online and in-person showcasing #UQLife and Brisbane.

During the semester you will receive Pharmacy updates to brief you on UQ services and events as well as encourage you to ask questions, reach out to your mentors and find what works for you. 

2. Pharmaceutical Industry Practice Mentoring Program (PIPals)
This program matches new MPIP and GCPIP students with later year MPIP students and recent MPIP graduates as mentors. This program focuses on professional mentoring, mentors provide support to mentees as they prepare for and commence placements. Mentors are there to support their mentees on their student and professional journeys. 

Both streams focus on building a supportive community within the School of Pharmacy and beyond.

Mentor eligibility: Second-year MPIP student or recent graduate of the MPIP program and currently working in a pharmacy setting.

Mentee eligibility: New MPIP and GCPIP students.

Why have a mentor?

A peer mentor is a friendly face that you can approach and they're likely to have the answer to that question you’ve been afraid to ask, or do not know who to ask. Pharmacy mentors want to share their experiences and insights so you can start your journey at UQ with confidence, and with a supportive community behind you.

Interested in becoming a Pharmacy Peer Mentor?

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One of the greatest values of mentors is the ability to see ahead what others cannot see and to help them navigate a course to their destination. - John C. Maxwell

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