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The role of a Mentor

A mentor acts as an adviser is someone who has knowledge, skills, information, and experience in their chosen industry; and is willing and able to share these in order to help the mentee’s professional growth.

Mentors have multiple roles – being an adviser is certainly one of them. There are also others roles they may perform at certain times depending on the needs and profile of the mentee and the nature of their objectives.

By participating Mentors will:
• Engage and influence the next generation of engineering, architecture and information technology professionals
• Share the value of their expertise
• Expand their networks
• Give back and gain valuable experiences.

 Mentors are: 

• Advisers: alumni/industry experts with experience and expertise who are willing to share their knowledge and experience.
• Supporters: people who give emotional and moral support and encouragement.
• Coaches: people who provide feedback on a colleague’s performance of specific tasks.
• Sponsors: people who serve as valuable sources of information about opportunities and can introduce mentees to contacts or networks, and be an advocate for them.
• Role Models: high achieving people who demonstrate excellence in their profession and industry.

In reality, one mentor is unlikely to have all the experience and expertise that is needed to support a mentee. A mentor thus needs to know when to advise a mentee to seek information or feedback from someone else and who they might approach.

Many mentees will have a number of informal mentors (eg. an academic, colleague or industry connection) who they can ask for assistance on various issues when needed.

Industry looking to get involved in 2022:
We are always looking for mentors to join the program, to apply we ask that you fill out a short questionnaire.

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