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The role of a Mentee

Mentees are typically students looking to bridge the gap between being a student and entering the workplace, they identify mentors as an invaluable resource during this transition period. Mentees are the drivers of the relationship and ideally will take most of the responsibility for their self-directed learning and exploration.

 Mentees responsibilities: 

• Take time to contact and meet with their mentor, both in the initial stages and on an ongoing basis.
• Work to foster the mentoring relationship.
• Think about goals before meeting with their mentor and be willing to openly discuss these goals with them.
• Communicate expectations, needs, and feelings.
• Develop a trust relationship and share concerns.
• Negotiate activities in order to obtain goals.
• Embrace learning and exploration with enthusiasm and commitment.
• Facilitate self-directed learning.
• Learn to accept feedback and use it positively.

Students looking to get involved in 2022:
Mentees are required to attend an online induction before filling out a short question and answer application process, this is compulsory.  Please email to apply.