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A career mentoring program that connects Faculty of Science students with UQ’s global community of alumni and professionals in the sciences.

Kick-start a rewarding career journey with the support of a mentor 

Science Connect is a career mentoring program that teaches you how to think about your own employability by giving you the opportunity to connect with a mentor of your choice

As part of the program, you will work together with your mentor in a series of one-on-one meetings where you can seek guidance, gain a new perspective, build your network and learn new skills so you can enhance your overall employability and kick-start your career in a way that’s relevant and meaningful to you. 

Being a mentee will not only enrich your experience and success at UQ, but also empower you to create a rewarding career in the sciences and beyond - in a way that's meaningful to you. Which is a big part of why you’re here at UQ after all. 

Curious about joining the program as a mentee?

Applications for the 2022 intake have now closed. Please email sci.advancement@uq.edu.au to register your interest in joining a future intake.

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Do you want to help shape the next generation of science professionals? 

Become a Science Connect mentor for the opportunity to enhance your leadership skills and share your wisdom to engage and inspire the next generation of science professionals.

As part of the program, you will work one-on-one with a UQ Faculty of Science student to help them enhance their employability and guide them to create their own path from study to career success. 

To be eligible to participate in the program, you must be able to share experiences around your education and/or career in the sciences. 

Our 2022 program is already underway. If you are interested in joining the program as a mentor for a future intake, please email sci.advancement@uq.edu.au

Become a mentor

Being a mentor is a rewarding experience that gives you the satisfaction in knowing you’ve helped someone grow and realise their potential. 

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Important information for students

The program is open to Faculty of Science undergraduate (including dual degree and honours students) and postgraduate students. 

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