If you're a brand new Gatton, St Lucia, or Herston student this is the program for you! Connect, chat, get guidance, and succeed during your first weeks. Most importantly, have fun & meet new people whilst settling into life at UQ!


Become a mentee


We've been told the best part of O' to 4 is that you get what you want out of it. From discovering the best coffee and burgers on campus, going on a uni tour, exploring Brisbane, connecting to people in your faculty, sussing out tips on what to do in a lecture, tutorial or prac, exploring O' Week with a group, or most importantly having people to meet up with on campus each week... your mentor will be there to help you online & face to face.

The O' to 4 Mentor program was created for students by students. O'to 4 introduces you to other new students in similar or same studies. Using the online platform, you can join groups to group chat & meet up, and even browse other students' profiles to find people you might have most in common with. Maybe you want to connect with students who: are parents, are your age, share your gender identity, are locals, are new to Brisbane, play tennis, or have similar hobbies. Be brave & start a conversation!

In Orientation Week, our mentors join the program, introduce themselves to you, organise meet ups, and help you out during the first five weeks of uni. Like you, your mentor is also a UQ student but they've been here a bit longer. They're excited to welcome you to UQ!