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Virtual Village

Global connections with students who share your hobbies and interests!


Are you studying online or offshore and wondering how to connect with UQ students from all over the world?

Join the Virtual Village to connect, catch-up and create a community with like-minded students no matter where they are in the world. What you get out of it is entirely driven by you. You can find and connect one on one with villagers in your faculty, year level or city. As well as start or join interest groups about something you love doing. Once you are a part of a group everyone can chat and create catch-ups online.

Why join the Virtual Village?
  •  Safe space exclusively for UQ Students to connect without geographical borders
  •  Anyone can start or join a social group to create catch-ups and chat about things you love
  • Easily filter the villagers to find and connect one on one with students that are in your faculty, year level or city 
  • Attend village-wide events that cater to offshore and off-campus student needs

So, wherever you are studying in the world take the opportunity to meet others and build your network within the UQ student community.

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