The ITAR program provides course specific tutoring for Indigenous students. 

Students receive free supplementary academic tutoring, either one-to-one or in small groups, in course-specific areas from a qualified tutor.

The ITAR program is managed by the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Studies Unit (ATSIS Unit) in conjunction with UQ's six faculties.

ITAR is an academic initiative, funded by the Commonwealth Department of Prime Minister and Cabinet, which aims to improve educational outcomes for Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander students.         

We invite you to join the ITAR community. 
'Amazing program. Really made my first semester back less stressful and very empowering.' - ITAR Student

   Register to be an ITAR Student   

Students must 
- be an Australian Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander student;
-  enrolled in a university course at UQ;
- be willing to meet with a Student Success Officer who will assess learning needs and support ITAR applications for suitable students

  Register to be an ITAR Tutor  

Tutors must
- have taken the same course and passed it with a 6 or above; OR
- be able to demonstrate expertise in the topic of the course;



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